Sunday, July 25, 2010

Win "The Singles Collection' Box Set Contest

The blog update is going faster than I expected and I think I will be done updating all the posts and the layout before the date I told all of you. So I have decided to give you the details for the contest to win a brand new copy of "The Singles Collection" Box Set.

Anyone can enter regardless of where you are located. There are 10 questions that you must answer correctly and e-mail to me at before the deadline which is Friday, July 30, 2010 at 12:00am. Any e-mail received after that will be disqualified. Make sure you put your name and where you live in the e-mail as well the list of all the questions with their answers in the same order as listed below. I will let you know if any of your answers are wrong so you can submit a new e-mail with the right answers. The first 25 e-mails with the right answers will be entered into a raffle and the winner will be announced here at the blog on August 1, 2010 and the winner will also be contacted through e-mail.

  1. List the old URL (address) of the blog and also the new one
  2. Mention the 3 versions of the album "Blackout" listed on this blog and all the tracks included on each
  3. How many singles, songs and music videos are included in "The Singles Collection" Box Set, "The Singles Collection" CD+DVD Edition, and "The Singles Collection" standard USA Edition
  4. The date when this blog celebrates its first year anniversary
  5. What are the names of  Britney's 3 latest tours in the USA ?
  6. What is the 24th single released by Britney, its release date in the USA and the number of weeks it spent on the Billboard Top 100 chart?
  7. What are the videos that were not included in "The Singles Collection" DVD?
  8. Name the 12th track on each Britney Spears CD released in the USA
  9. Give the date and name of the city for Britney's first concert ever on the following continents: Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe
  10. What is the name the font (type-style) used on the cover of the "If U Seek Amy" Single?

PS: Leave a comment on this post if you have any questions regarding this contest.