Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Circus - Japan Deluxe Edition


  1. Why Do The Asians always get the best versions of everything??

  2. I'm getting this version but it is the UK version :)

  3. I don't think the UK version comes with the Circus MV but as long as it comes with all the bonus tracks is good ahhaa

  4. You're right! This edition is beautiful (the best in the world)... and very rare!! I've found one copy on eBay and it should arrive these days... I just can't wait anymore!

  5. Ok,
    so i got mine of eBay although it's missing the obi strip, i bought it anyway since i'm desperate for it & it's only $15 so i thought screw it, i wont spent an extra $100 just for an obi.

    The first thing i notice when it came in the mail is that the jewel case is thicker than regular jewel cases. Then, when i take a look inside, i notice the color of the dvd is bright lemon-ish yellow instead of the orange-ish yellow like the US version(which i already own). When i take a closer look i notice the cd & dvd has "Sample • Loaned" written close to the center hole.

    My question is, are those things normal ? or have i been scam ?
    HB please help me.. i feel so stupid :(

  6. Ringleader_RFK

    Mine fits the same description as the one you have. The case is thicker and the DVD also looks lemon-ish yellow except mine was sealed and had the OBI when I purchased it. It doesn't say Sample or Loaned or anything and it came with a lyrics book and the double-sided poster.

    You probably purchased a sample/promo version of it.

  7. You got it sealed ? where ? for how much ?

  8. Ebay for $70. Here's an ebay link for it but it has gone up on price


  9. hello!
    sorry for my English, I am using a translator.

    I need help. How I can get this pack japan version?
    I'm not very helpful and I do not want anyone to cheat.

    any fan of Britney Spears can help me?

    1. Yo lo conseguí en eBay hace unos años...

  10. IN:
    Hello! Good evening, first of all like to congratulate you for the excellent collection!!
    and also to kindly make a request!
    if you could provide the ISO to download this DVD!
    I already have my copy, but it's another edition, here in Brazil the MV'' Circus'' Making off and not are available on DVD!!
    if you can do this I will be very grateful to you!
    Get in touch!!

    Olá! boa noite, antes de tudo gostaria de parabeniza-lo pelo excelente acervo!!!
    e tambem para gentilmente fazer um pedido!
    se voce poderia disponibilizar a ISO desse DVD para download!
    eu ja tenho minha cópia, mas é outra ediçao, aqui no Brasil o MV de ''Circus'' e o Making off não estao disponiveis no DVD!!!
    se voce puder fazer isso eu serei muito grato á voce!
    Entra em contato!!!!